Top 6 superb Softwares in SQL Server Repair Kit

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  • Updated on August 10th, 2019

Want to know the popular products in the SQL Server Repair Kit.

Wait no more!!! Here are the top 6 products that are included in the SQL Server Tool kit by Database File Recovery.

Lets us discuss them one by one.

#MS SQL Database Recovery

The key features of this tool are:

  • It can recover file objects including tables, views, stored procedure, programmability, triggers, default, and functions
  • Both options of saving files in SQL Server database format or SQL Server compatible Script format.
  • Effortlessly repairs corrupt MDF and NDF files of SQL Server database.
  • Supports SQL Server ROW-compression and PAGE-compression.
  • Users can export either schema part of corrupt MDF file or both data and schema of corrupt MDF file.
  • Provides preview option along with supporting BLOB, image, XML and large page data.
  • Fully Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP and 2000 and SQL Server version: 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016.

# SQLite Database Recovery

  • Complete and smart SQLite data recovery from corrupt SQLite database
  • Restores database objects like tables, indexes, views, triggers
  • Supports SQLite database created by SQLite2 and SQLite3 along with provideing support for both SQLite database formats: UTF-8 (ANSI) and UTF 16 (Unicode)
  • Offers column mapping if users want to save recovered data in MDB format along with preview option
  • Recovered data can be saved into a new SQLite database or MDB database and can perfectly upgrade SQLite database from SQLite2 to SQLite3

#SQL Backup Recovery Software

Key features are:

Can efficiently repairs SQL backup and restores both MDF and LDF files

Does SQL data recovery from split backup (.bak) files and compressed backup (.bak) files

Auto-display the information of SQL Server backup along with smart preview of the files

#SQL Log Recovery

Salient features of this tool are:

Deep scan of SQL Server transaction log and repair LDF file

Allows users to select LDF and MDF file for an effortless SQL Log recovery

Completely recovers transaction queries like INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE

Users can save data in the form of SQL database or SQL scripts

Allows saving of constraints including primary keys, foreign keys, etc.

Recovers LDF files created by SQL Server 2005 and later versions

#Advanced MDF Recovery Pro

Main features of this tool are:

Highly capable tool for SQL data recovery.

Restore SQL database objects, such as tables, triggers, indices, keys, rules, and stored procedures

Load schema from an old MDF file to perform SQL MDF recovery accurately

Handles both compression levels, i.e. ROW-Compression and PAGE-Compression in, in MDF database and users can save new file in CSV format,SQL Server database or SQL scripts

#MySQL Database Recovery

Important features of this tool are:

Repairs corrupt MySQL database

Effortlessly recovers from InnoDB and MyISAM storage engines of MySQL

Saving the recovered data in a new fresh database or in the form of script

Auto-generate a log file at a user-defined location and supports all major versions of MySQL including the latest 8.0 and all Window versions

The entire tools when bought seperately can cost you

Single User: $1634

Corporate User: $1425

Technician: $2025

Whereas, when you buy the SQL Server Repair Kit, You can buy the toolkit at:

Single User:$999

Corporate User:$1299


Download the SQL Server Repair Kit


In this post I have elaborated the Top 6 Tools present in the SQL Server Repair Kit. You can easily download this kit at a great price and with great features.

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