How to Resolve Metadata Corruption in SQL??

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  • Updated on August 10th, 2023

Synopsis: Let us discuss the best methods to Resolve Metadata Corruption in SQL server.

Many times, the users have to deal with MS SQL server corruption.

So,whenever SQL database gets corrupt, it also damages metadata in the SQL server. In this case, it becomes extremely necessary to fix this corruption as the data can be lost permanently if the situation is ignored.

In this article, we’ll discuss various methods to fix the Microsoft Metadata corruption errors. But, first of all let us try to gain knowledge about the details of Metadata and causes of Metadata corruption.

What is Metadata in SQL?

Metadata in SQL is referred to “Information related to other data,” or simply we can say “Data about data.” All information about SQL database can be observed by running sys.databases.

On running sys.databases, some functions in SQL Server will return the information about SQL database. Examples of these functions, also known as Metadata functions, are:


Causes of Metadata Corruption in SQL

Due to damage in the system, views, procedures, and functions get damaged. Some other reasons behind the corruption might be:

  • Accidental data deletion
  • Sudden and abrupt system shutdown
  • Virus or Malware Attack
  • Because of data stored in compressed folders
  • When users update the software from old to the new version, for example, This can happen when you update index statistics with INCREMENTAL=ON. This will be described by error message 211 and it is generic metadata corruption

How to Detect SQL Metadata Corruption?

First of all, you need to detect metadata corruption, then you can recover it by using BACKUP and RESTORE command. But, before using this command, you need to have a backup of your corrupted database.

Most probably, it is possible that along with the metadata, database backup file is also corrupted. In this case, you have two scenarios before you:

1.You can export your entire corrupted database to the new one

2.Fix the system table manually.

If you want to detect the Database corruption in SQL, you can use the


This command can help you to locate errors in the current database.

Whereas to detect corrupt metadata, you have to use a different command:


You can make use of this command to check and detect corrupt metadata of SQL. This command is used to check the consistency of the catalog for the specified SQL database. On running the command, a warning message will appear on the screen displaying corruption in the metadata.

Methods to Resolve Metadata Corruption in SQL

There are few methods to Resolve Metadata Corruption in SQL. You can follow the below-described methods:

1.By using backup and restore command.

This solution will only work if you regularly backup your SQL databases.

2.By fixing the system tables in SQL database

In order to fix the corruption errors. If you want to save your SQL database from corruption, follow the below steps:

1. First step is to shut down the server and go to Advanced tab

2. Second step is to Add ‘-m’ to the start of the startup parameter string

3. Third step is to start the server again and connect using DAC

3. By using the Third-party SQL Recovery Tool

The above two methods that are described here are not that reliable.

So, a much effective and foolproof method to Resolve Metadata Corruption in SQL server is by using a professional SQL Recovery Tool. The working of the tool is explained here:

To Sum Up

In this article, I have tried to explain the methods to Resolve Metadata corruption in SQL Server. You can make use of these methods to save your database.

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