Reliable ways to repair DBF File-DIY Approach

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  • Updated on August 10th, 2019

One of the most widely accepted database files is dbf as a standard storage format for structured data.  DBF file is one of the important files which we all use in this digital era. As it is present in our system in various forms like dbase II, dbase III and dbase IV. The biggest challenge while handling and working on Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Codebase, Arago etc. is that they are prone to corruption and any kind of interruption in the database file leads to the loss of unnecessary loss of valuable files. And, to recover dbf file is bit challenging. Then you must be wondering how to recover dbf file. Don’t worry you can repair dbf file very easily.  But first  let’s discuss the causes behind this issue.

Causes of corrupted DBF file:

  •  Hard drive problem: Any kind of interruption in hard drive usually leads to the non-accessibility to stored data and information.
  • Abrupt system shutdown: It is also one of the causes of corrupt DBF file. You can avoid it by having a proper arrangement of UPS.
  • Virus issue: An updated anti-virus is the key to protecting the database from the unnecessary virus, which might hamper the performance of the database
  • Outdated database program: In case database file is not updated regularly it also leads to the corruption in DBF file.
  • Accidental deletion: If all of a sudden in the middle of the work database file is deleted, it causes issues and corruption in the database file.

Whenever there is an error in .dbf an error messages appear on your screen:

How to repair DBF file in a systematic way:

It is best if a regular user of a database always has a backup. As it will save your valuable time and prevent you from scenarios like corruption or data loss.  So, to fix DBF file you can follow some of the best practices to avoid it.

  • It is good to save your files before closing it, so make a habit of this.
  • Avoid unnecessary deletion of important files.
  • Always have a backup of important DBF files.

Another technique to do DBF Repair

It gets necessary when there is no backup DBF and user want to get back those valuable files, the only solution for such situation is to take the help of a reliable DBF Repair Tool which will definitely save time and delivers you the desired outcomes in minimum time.

Salient Features of software:

  • Option to save in multiple formats like DBF as well as MDB format.
  • Restores maximum data in a safe mode.
  • Systematically presents your recovered files.
  • Supports prominent database programs which create DBF files.
  • Efficiently fixes corrupted DBF file.
  • No need for technical expertise to use it.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows and preview before saving it.


In case, you have no backup then an only reliable way to repair dbf file is by using a reliable tool and save the recovered file in DBF as well as MDB format. So, that you all can save our important files in a secure way.

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