Quick Approach to convert MDF to SQL script

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  • Updated on August 10th, 2019

Summary: If you are looking for a reliable technique to convert MDF to SQL script, then you are at the right place. As, in this post, you will see the complete procedure to do it, without any trouble. But, before proceeding further let’s have a quick overview of MDF as well as a SQL script.

Overview of MDF file

Master database file, is the primary database file, which is used to store information. Along with it, it is used by users to archive backup of the database, for safer side. Whenever, user modify, create, delete in SQL database it is stored in the MDF file, which is saved as .mdf file extension.

Overview of SQL script

It is a set of statements and commands which is saved as a file in SQL scripts. Mainly, it is used to view, run, create, delete or edit script files. By using it, a user can also create the whole database with data, tables etc.

Why there is a need to convert MDF file to SQL script

Some of the reasons for doing this conversion:

  • It provides feasibility to use MDF files in many servers
  • In order to read SQL files, user have to convert master database files to SQL script
  • When users attempt to attach MDF files by untrusted sources, this may result in an error, as it could contain malicious information. So, it is better to create SQL script from MDF file within time.

How to convert MDF to SQL script online

  • Open SQL server management studio and connect to the SQL server
  • After that click on Database and select the required database in which you want to create .sql script
  • Now right click on Database and then click on Generate script
  • Then, click on Next to proceed further
  • A choose objects screen will appear with two options, select Script entire database, and all database objects
  • Click on Next to proceed further
  • You will see three options: Data only, Schema only and Data and schema. Select any as per your requirement, then click on Advanced.
  • Now, Advance scripting option will appear. Here, click on ‘Type of data in script‘ and select its type
  • A review box will appear, with following information database, server name, selected objects, and targeted location

By this way, you will be able to whole get database objects as SQL scripts

Automated way to convert MDF to SQL Script Online

If you are lack of time and wants to avoid any other problem. You can opt for MDF file converter to fix this issue. This will enable you to easily do the conversion of MDF files to SQL script.


In this blog, as you have seen why sometimes there is a need to do this conversion. Both of the above-mentioned approaches will enable you to easily convert MDF to SQL script. However, it is recommended to go for an automated one, in order to avoid any further issue. And, save your valuable time by doing so. The blog also mentioned the benefits of doing this conversion, as by doing this conversion you can use these SQL scripts to different servers.

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