How To Fix SQLite Error Database Disk image is Malformed?

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  • Updated on March 24th, 2021

One of the most common errors which SQLite database users face is SQLite/SQLite3 error database disk image is malformed. This interruption usually occurs when there is a bug in DBMS or there is a problem in hardware.


Best way to come out of such a situation is to have a backup. And if it is not so then you need to follow certain steps in order to fix this error. But, first, let’s have a short overview of SQLite database

No doubt, SQLite database is one of the most widely deployed database engine worldwide, as it is used by many operating system, different browsers, and mobile phones as well. Apart from that, it has binding with many programming languages like Python, Java, C etc. But, it does not have a separate server like other databases. There are times when SQLite database gets corrupted and error message appears on your screen. One such error is the database disk image is malformed.

Now let’s see the reason behind Error SQLite Database Disk Image is Malformed

Like any other database, SQLite database is vastly used for managing data and information in a systematic way. But if precautions are not taken SQLite database can also give you errors message. Some of the reasons behind this error are as follows:

  • If there is any minor bug present in SQLite database then there are chances SQLite database might give you this error.

  • If there is a problem present in flash/disk drive memory it can result in an interruption in the functioning of the SQLite database.

  • Many times it is seen if a user is trying to access a non-SQLite file in SQLite database which leads to the error in the SQLite database.

  • Presence of corrupt SQLite files in SQLite database.

  • A user is managing SQLite data improperly which causes an increase in its size and ultimately causes problems in SQLite functioning.

These are some of the reasons which you have seen now let’s see how you can fix it.

Manual Approach To Fix SQLite Error Database Disk Image is Malformed

Follow the below mentioned steps

  • First, you need to launch DB browser for SQLite.

  • Then run database check command. You need to press on the tab of Execute SQL

  • Now type PRAGMA integrity check and press on the play. If it is damaged then same error you will see. Otherwise, you will see “Query executed successfully: PRAGMA integrity_check ( tool 0ms)”.

  • There is also an option to export the database into SQL. To perform this click on File &

          after this click on Export >> Database to SQL file.


  • As per requirement select desired objects in order to migrate on the dialog box of SQL. You can define other options too.


  • Now click on OK to begin the export process.

  • After its completion, you can import it to SQLite browser.

  • To import you just need to Click on File>> Import >> Database from SQL File.


A professional way to fix Error Database Disk Image is Malformed

These are some of the ways which work when your SQLite database is corrupted and you have to access your SQLite files. But if still the problem persists and you need to access your files on an urgent basis. Then you should take help of SQLite Database Recovery software to quickly solve this SQLite error database disk image is malformed.

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Best way to work error free on SQLite database is by using it in an appropriate way. Otherwise you need to fix SQLite errors  manually or by using a recovery tool.

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