How to fix SQL Server Error 8946?

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  • Updated on March 7th, 2020

Read the below-given error message


“Msg 8946, Level 16, State 12, Line 1

Table error: Allocation page (1:13280496) has invalid PFS_PAGE page header values.

Type is 0. Check type, alloc unit ID and page ID on the page.”

Most of the users take the help of the MS SQL to organize their server database. Data stored in the form pages and each page is of 8KB. Each page has its unique header file which contains the important information of the database. If the header information mismatch with the page information then one can face the database error 8946.  

In the SQL database, many of the corruptions are managed by the help of the Database Console Command (DBCC). But there are some errors like the SQL Server Error 8946 and hence we need a solution to recover the SQL database.  In this technical blog, we’ll discuss all the aspects by which one can recover their database. So follow us from top to end to resolve this SQL server issue. 

Before we get to know the solution to fix this issue, let’s first know the general reason for the corruption of this error. 


They may be many reasons behind Error 8946 in the SQL server database. And some of the reasons are discussed below:

  1. The system can shutdown anytime during the transaction.
  2. Due to the power failure.
  3. Due to the improper functioning of Hardware.
  4. Bug or Malwares can also cause this error.
  5. When you updated your SQL server then due to the compatibility issue this error might occur.

Error 8946 can corrupt the database file and makes the user unable to access the database pages. The real problem arises when header file is lost as this might result in the data loss and hence unable to find the best possible solution for that.

Hence in the next section, we’ll provide one of the most advanced techniques due to which you can fix the issue related to the SQL server error 8946.

User Professional Method to Fix SQL Server Error 8946. 

One can remove this error by using third-party tools as it is easy to fix the error in a single click with the help of utilities. You can use the SQL Database Recovery tool, as this can help you to repair all the secondary data files (MDF and NDF) that makeup all the data files. One can easily fix both the secondary files and fix the corruption of SQL Server 2016 and all its previous versions. This is a powerful utility developed to recover tables, view, triggers, default, and programmability.

Benefits of Using the Professional Utilities

  1. It recovers both MDF & NDF files.
  2. Recover table, view and other items with high accuracy.
  3. Dual recovery modes are available to deal with all corruption stages.
  4. It supports both ROW Compression & Page Compression.
  5. Highly compatible with all Outlook versions and can be run on any Windows version. 

Final Words

In this technical guide, we have discussed the ways to recover SQL database server error 8946 with the help of the SQL Database Recovery tool and this is the perfect solution regarding this issue. There may be some other solutions available to prevent your database from corruption but by using the third party tool it is easy to restore the corrupted database objects and hence it is the most demanded technique. 

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